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PORTACOOL Dubai – Ultimate evaporative cooling

port-a-cool uae -air cooler range

Evaporative coolers entered Portacool the market in 1990 offering the first version a portable evaporative cooler designed to provide fresh air effectively and economically wherever it was required. twenty-five years later, the steady growth of the company.and continued expansion in their product lines the They have positioned as a global leader in business portable evaporative cooling, distributors in 50 States of the American Union and 56 countries.

Since its inception, has selected Portacool Center,USA as its headquarters and has never considered moving. Located in the beautiful pine forests east Texas – 150 miles southeast of Dallas, 120 miles northeast of Houston and 17 miles west of the border with Louisiana-this small town still preserves the appearance, feeling and hospitality of their original community. However, the village has enjoyed growth and modernity due in large part to technological advances and manufacturing companies like Portacool who have chosen to Center how does it happen.

These portable evaporative coolers have proved highly effective in a variety of applications, from agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing, industry, business, entertainment, sports, hobbies residences and -any place where cooling and air conditioning required It is not practical or his or prohibitively expensive. With strong dealer network continues to expand Portacool their horizons in the global market generating sales outstanding, everything from its beautiful headquarters in Center,USA.


mobile portable cooling for industrial premises – Portable Evaporative Air conditioning PORTACOOL
The Port-A-Cool system works by evaporation of water, consumes very little power and cooling surfaces between 90 and 325 m2

High temperatures are often an impediment to creating a suitable work environment, resulting in decreased productivity and motivation of workers. The office solution is obvious: the installation of air conditioning systems. However, there are places where it is impossible to use, or which is a high economic and environmental cost, as industrial buildings, storage areas, factories, workshops, hangars and tents, among others. In this situation, the company Life’s Cool Europe has become the exclusive importer on the continent the world ‘s leading Port-A-Cool, a system of movable cooling manufactures fresh air from the evaporation of water, lowering the temperature between 8 and 15 degrees.

The Port-A-Cool system only needs to run electricity and water, consuming only 10% of energy requires conventional air conditioning. In addition, as they say from Life’s Cool, it’s very easy to maintain and operate on any surface. Both the device itself and the water tank are movable to cool hot spots working in the factory, ship or store without specifying a full installation of air conditioning and have a range that reaches eight hours without being connected to a water hose.

No effect of moisture vapor or mist, only air is able to cool between 90 and 325 square meters. At the same time, thanks to its structure and pads that incorporates allows you to filter impurities and clean the stale air, so it can renew the environment in places like workshops and industrial hangars, but also in public spaces such as gymnasiums or terraces.

The Port-A-Cool system consumes 10% of energy requires conventional air conditioning

Port-A-Cool has six models of different dimensions, ventilation devices with blades having diameters of 16, 24, 26 and 48 inches, depending on the needs of the space to be cooled. Due to its characteristics, they can be used in open environments or in areas affected by an increase in temperature, and mechanical workshops. They are also indicated to supply refrigeration equipment whose engines overheat, increasing their lifespan by up to 50%.

Suitable for outdoor

They have also proven effective in outdoor spaces, terraces, tents or tents, which can be provided with a pipe system, allowing them to benefit from an effective, economical and sustainable ventilation. Thus, it is possible cooling spaces that were previously unattainable by conventional systems, providing comfort and a suitable environment for workers. In addition, with less impact to the environment.