Huge in performance, this easy-to-operate evaporative cooler produces cool air where ever it is needed. Enjoy your outdoor space longer, even when it is hot!



  • KUUL Comfort™ evaporative media
  • Centrifugal air delivery




Air delivery                                                 2,000 CFM / 3,398 m3/hr

Velocity                                                      30 mph / 48 kph

Speeds                                                       Two

Cooling capacity                                      500 s.f. / 46 m2

Water reservoir                                          10 G / 38 L

Dimensions (inches)                                   31 H x 24 W x 25 D

Dimensions (cm)                                        79 H x 61 W x 64 D

Weight                                                        61 lb / 28 kg

Stock number                                            PACCYC02

KUUL Effect                                                 13



  • Durable, horses engine
  • Virtually no maintenance costs
  • Cooler ideal for work areas Evaporative cooling
  • All units at the Port-A-Cool® brand come ready to use when unpacked Operating costs amount to just a fraction of the traditional air conditioning
  • Respectful of the environment due to the efficiency and effectiveness in the use of energy
  • Both the apparatus and the water tank are portable
  • Solid housing cast a single block of polyethylene.
  • It is the most advanced evaporative cooling system, portable,
  • Water tank capacity 69 liters
  • Grids to define the airflow