portacool hurricane 3600 dubaiKeep your workers cool and productivity high with this heavy-duty evaporative cooler. The unique “tunnel” pattern airflow reaches farther for maximum coverage. Comfortable workers are productive workers.



• Low-water shutoff
• Timer
• Temp-sensor
• Digital control operation

Air delivery 14,500 CFM / 24,635 m3/hr
Velocity 22 mph / 35 kph
Amps 11.4
Speeds Variable
Cooling capacity 3,500 s.f. / 325 m2
Water reservoir 67 G / 253 L
Dimensions (inches) 76.5 H x 74.5 W x 35 D
Dimensions (cm) 194 H x 189 W x 89 D
Weight 270 lb / 122 kg
Stock number PACHR3600
KUUL Effect 27


Keep your Workshop fresh and cool this Industrial evaporative air cooler “High Quality” for
Industrial Applications. The air flow very strong allows a maximum distance and coverage. The
best portable air cooler for workshop or garage cooling.

Garage Cooling

We all know how it does get hot while working in the garage during Dubai summer heat they can stay as cool as possible by drinking icy cold beverages in fiery affair well no matter what you do working on a vehicle he can just be downright brutal as you know motors this film in a real two-car garage studio. so like you we experience the same problems our solution to the heat was a cycle in three thousand from Porter cool it’s called an evaporative cooler which is basically a giant fan polls and moisture from tap water that slowly drips down a path behind the fan in order to lower the temperature of the area up to 13 degrees. much cheaper than running an air conditioner. Evaporative air cooler is perfect for any home garage it’s got a built-in water reservoir but you can also leave a garden hose hooked up to it for an unlimited water supply. thanks to the built-in flow valve, it runs of standard 220-volt power. its rustproof and due to very few moving parts there’s very little maintenance involved. there to fan speeds to deliver aired speeds up and you can switch to turn on and off the water pump. and a valve to adjust the amount of water the pump delivers to the pad. now comes fully assembled with locking casters.